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CPG Alumni Networks started in 2006 with Nabisco Alumni Network and 2007 Kraft Foods Alumni Network. These two groups were started by alumni who desired to continue to nurture and develop the camaraderie, high professionalism, and challenging environment traditionally experienced during tenure at Nabisco and Kraft Foods companies.

Both Alumni Networks have evolved over the years and are now focused on maintaining the community as a distinct part of CPG Professional Networks.

To be a Member of any of the CPG Alumni Networks, the requester must have been an employee or verified contractor during some part of the company's history. Information and activities are specific to the named Alumni Network and communications are focused on updating members on activities pertaining to the company and its alumni.

What’s in an Alumni Network?

  • Calendar of events
  • Jobs and subject matter expert searches where alumni experience is sought
  • News and stories about alumni
  • Quarterly e-newsletter

To join an Alumni Network, apply for membership to CPG Professional Networks. Complete your profile with information regarding your relationship with the company and select the Alumni Group. Your membership will be approved based on our ability to verify the information provided.

Want to start an Alumni Network for your CPG company?

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