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Cash Flow Is King by Mark Mappa - Via Amazon Books

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Description Whether you are saving, investing, or spending… the fact is, we all need cash flow. It represents our financial lifeblood. Which is why you need Cash Flow Is King! This book will help you maximize your cash flow on a reliable, tax advantaged, and even guaranteed basis. In this book, you will learn how to: — think outside the financial box — save and invest like the wealthy — base your financial decisions on facts and math — create reliable and even guaranteed cash flow — and much more! What other financial experts are saying: “Mark Mappa shows you strategies that can help you maximize your monthly income so that it lasts as long as you do. That’s why cash flow is king!” Ed Slott, CPA — Author, Retirement Expert, Founder of “We spend too much time focusing on rates of return and assets but not enough time on income. A comfortable and independent retirement can be obtained with the use of reliable strategies to provide retirement income. This book can help you down that path.” Tom Hegna — Economist, Bestselling Author, and Retirement Income Expert “This book will be a valuable resource to those who are serious about planning for retirement. The information provided is well worth reading and incorporating into your retirement plans.” Ted Benna — 401k Benna, LLC “Mark Mappa provides practical guidance on how you can achieve your financial freedom and especially when you will likely need it most – at retirement. I encourage you to begin your journey to financial freedom with Mark Mappa!” Yuri N. Maltsev, PhD — Professor of Economics at Carthage College “Mark Mappa has produced an excellent guide to help people and their advisors produce better financial outcomes. He taps into issues that can affect all of us; it is definitely worth your time.” Ken Mungan, FSA, MAAA — Chairman, Milliman Financial Risk Management
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