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Korn Ferry - Job Hunting During a Pandemic

30 Apr 2020 9:32 AM | Perry Sholes (Administrator)

The marketing manager sent out 30 resumes touting all the various responsibilities he had taken on over the last few years. He called 30 former colleagues and badgered them for job leads. And he did five video job interviews, all with his television on in the background.

Mistake, mistake, mistake.

With each day the pandemic keeps its grip on the world, and the global economy, the number of people looking for work only grows. And that includes many--potentially millions--who haven’t had to search in a very long time. What they may discover is a whole new world of job hunting. “It’s time to be really more pro-active,” says Val Olson, a career coach for Korn Ferry Advance. “This is an unprecedented time where so many people will be looking for jobs in a limited market,”

There are no easy or full-proofs steps, of course, but here are ways candidates may be able to adapt better to post-pandemic searches.

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